Dr. Esaù DozioCuratorHead of Greece and Rome Department - Collection Vases

Dr. Esaù Dozio

Head of Greece and Rome Department - Collection Vases

esau.dozio (at)
+41 61 201 12 24

Laurent Gorgerat

Laurent Gorgerat

Head of Orient, Cyprus,and Early Greece Department

+41 61 201 12 44

Dr. Tomas LochmanCuratorHead of Greece and Rome  - Collection Sculptures / Skulpturhalle

Dr. Tomas Lochman

Head of Greece and Rome  - Collection Sculptures / Skulpturhalle

tomas.lochman (at)
+41 61 201 12 18

Dr. André WieseCuratorHead of Egypt Department

Dr. André Wiese

Head of Egypt Department

andre.wiese (at)
+41 61 201 12 65

Restoration / Conservation

Kurt BosshardHead of Restoration & Conservation

Kurt Bosshard

Head of Restoration & Conservation

kurt.bosshard (at)
+41 61 201 12 15

Olivier BergerConservator

Olivier Berger


olivier.berger (at)
+41 61 201 12 17

Susanne DürrConservator

Susanne Dürr


susanne.duerr (at)
+41 61 201 12 16

Education Department

Annegret SchneiderHead of Education Department

Annegret Schneider

Head of Education Department

annegret.schneider2 (at)
+41 61 201 12 42

Claudia Manser StollEducation Department

Claudia Manser Stoll

Education Department

claudia.manser (at)
+41 61 201 12 43

Florence AnlikerWorkshops

Florence Anliker


Annina BanderetWorkshops

Annina Banderet


Caroline BrancaWorkshops

Caroline Branca


Thomas HofmeierWorkshops and Guided Tours

Thomas Hofmeier

Workshops and Guided Tours

Charlotte HunkelerWorkshops

Charlotte Hunkeler


Judith MeierWorkshops

Judith Meier


Brigitte Schaffner SennWorkshops

Brigitte Schaffner Senn


Daniela Scharf JakobWorkshops und Guided Tours

Daniela Scharf Jakob

Workshops und Guided Tours

Jasmine TannerWorkshops

Jasmine Tanner


Marketing & Communication

Alexandra MaurerDirector of Marketing & CommunicationsMember of the extended Management Board

Alexandra Maurer

Director of Marketing & Communications
Member of the extended Management Board

alexandra.maurer (at)
+41 61 201 12 80

Rudolf HabeggerHead of Photo Studio

Rudolf Habegger

Head of Photo Studio

rudolf.habegger (at)
+41 61 201 12 45

Sunanda HeubergerProject Leader Fundraising & Sponsoring

Sunanda Heuberger

Project Leader Fundraising & Sponsoring

sunanda.heuberger (at)
+41 61 201 12 25

Anna LaschingerHead of Events

Anna Laschinger

Head of Events

anna.laschinger (at)
+41 61 201 12 57

Trinidad MorenoProject Leader Visual Communication & Scenography

Trinidad Moreno

Project Leader Visual Communication & Scenography

trinidad.moreno (at)
+41 61 201 12 19

Shana MesserliPraktikantin Visuelle Kommunikation & Szenografie

Shana Messerli

Praktikantin Visuelle Kommunikation & Szenografie

shana.messerli (at)
+41 61 201 12 25


Abdeslam AchlhiAssistant Technician

Abdeslam Achlhi

Assistant Technician

abdeslam.achlhi (at)
+ 41 61 260 25 09

Maryvonne Chartier RaymondGuided Tours

Maryvonne Chartier Raymond

Guided Tours

Patricia GaspozManagement Secretary

Patricia Gaspoz

Management Secretary

patricia.gaspoz (at)
+41 61 201 12 22

Josiane GerumGuided Tours

Josiane Gerum

Guided Tours

Aurélie GorgeratGuided Tours

Aurélie Gorgerat

Guided Tours

Ilona HellsternHead of Ticketing, Guided Tours & Shop

Ilona Hellstern

Head of Ticketing, Guided Tours & Shop

ilona.hellstern (at) 
+41 61 201 12 12

Urs KaufmannHead of Technical Department

Urs Kaufmann

Head of Technical Department

urs.kaufmann (at)
+41 61 201 12 50

Rebecca LoebGuided Tours

Rebecca Loeb

Guided Tours

Brigitte NicosiaHead of Accounts & Controlling

Brigitte Nicosia

Head of Accounts & Controlling

brigitte.nicosia (at)
+41 61 201 12 20

Daniela ProbstTicketing

Daniela Probst


daniela.probst (at) 
+41 61 201 12 12

Delia SieberGuided Tours

Delia Sieber

Guided Tours

Nicholas ZurschmiedeHead of IT Department

Nicholas Zurschmiede

Head of IT Department

nicholas.zurschmiede (at)
+41 61 201 12 72


Peter EigenmannHead of Bistro AMB

Peter Eigenmann

Head of Bistro AMB

peter.eigenmann (at)
+41 61 201 12 30

Thorsten NatterHead Chef Bistro AMB

Thorsten Natter

Head Chef Bistro AMB

thorsten.natter (at)
+41 61 201 12 31

André Manuel Rodriguesda SilvaAssistant Service & Kitchen Bistro AMB

André Manuel Rodrigues
da Silva

Assistant Service & Kitchen Bistro AMB

Tehuia AvilaService Bistro AMB

Tehuia Avila

Service Bistro AMB

Géraldine DietscheService Bistro AMB

Géraldine Dietsche

Service Bistro AMB

Surasak DörflingerKitchen Assistant Bistro AMB

Surasak Dörflinger

Kitchen Assistant Bistro AMB

Detlef Priegan Kitchen Assistant Bistro AMB

Detlef Priegan

Kitchen Assistant Bistro AMB

Lena Schenker Service Bistro AMB

Lena Schenker 

Service Bistro AMB

Lena Strnad Service Bistro AMB

Lena Strnad 

Service Bistro AMB

Rebekka Tschopp Service Bistro AMB

Rebekka Tschopp

Service Bistro AMB

Linus Zimmermann Service Bistro AMB

Linus Zimmermann 

Service Bistro AMB


Viktor HürbinHead of Security

Viktor Hürbin

Head of Security

viktor.huerbin (at)
+41 61 201 12 39

Richard SieberDeputy Head of Security

Richard Sieber

Deputy Head of Security

Marianne BorerAttendant

Marianne Borer


Christian BrunoldAttendant

Christian Brunold


Regina GrassAttendant

Regina Grass


Donato IannucciAttendant

Donato Iannucci


Anna Maria Knechtli-De NardoAttendant

Anna Maria Knechtli-De Nardo


Andreas LeisingerAttendant

Andreas Leisinger


Peter LerchAttendant

Peter Lerch


Brigitta MoorAttendant

Brigitta Moor


Martin NobsAttendant

Martin Nobs


Bernhard OberhauserAttendant

Bernhard Oberhauser


Jacky PerrotinAttendant

Jacky Perrotin


Bernd RäberAttendant

Bernd Räber


Ivan Savić Attendant

Ivan Savić 


Peter TannerAttendant

Peter Tanner


Hanspeter WitschiAttendant

Hanspeter Witschi


Board of Trustees of the Antikenmuseum Basel und Sammlung Ludwig Dr.h.c. Daniel L. Vasella, Chairman

Bernhard Berger, Vice-Chairman

Peter Forcart

Dr. phil. Claudia E. Suter

Dr. Stephan Feldhaus

Prof. Dr. Susanne Bickel

Prof. Dr. Martin Guggisberg

Prof. Dr. Georg von Schnurbein

Prof. Dr. Mark Pieth